by Hiromoto Hiroki
Imagine a country where couples are chosen based on the compatibility of their genes. Whenever a resident reaches the age of 14, a partner will be suggested to him or her based on which match would result in the best child being born.

This is a collection of stories about some of the more “interesting” pairings chosen by this system.

Yuuichi × Manami
Yuuichi Sadanaga’s dream has always been to marry someone more beautiful than his sister, Manami. When he finally receives his notice from the coupling center, he’s filled with joy, knowing that his dream may finally come true. However, his suggested partner turns out to be a bit different from what he expected…

Jun × Mai
Jun Kamiya is, for the most part, an average high-school freshman. The only thing that sets him apart is that he was matched with Mai Maeda, a popular student who recently made her debut as an author. She wants to keep their relationship a secret, while he wants to progress it as fast as he can. Just when he starts to think it’s a lost cause, he learns that Mai has a little secret…

Nobuyuki × Miyuki
Description coming soon
Volume 1
Marriage Partner v01
ISBN: 9784048704021
Yuuichi × Manami
Jun × Mai 1
Jun × Mai 2
Jun × Mai 3
Jun × Mai 4
Extra: Yuuichi × Manami

Volume 01 Batch
Volume 2
Marriage Partner v02
ISBN: 9784048708289
Jun × Mai 5
Jun × Mai 6
Nobuyuki × Miyuki 1
Nobuyuki × Miyuki 2
Nobuyuki × Miyuki 3
Extra: Jun × Mai
Volume 3
Marriage Partner 3
ISBN: 9784048864107
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